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Bhaktamar Stotra Spiritual explanation and Yantra Sadhna Chandrakant Mehta --
Tattvartha Sutra Book Tattvarth Sutra book in Gujarati - The latest 2 part book to enhance your knowledge in basic nine elements of Jain religion. Click Here Chandrakant Mehta --
Tattvarthigam Sutra - Book 1 -- Chandrakant Mehta
Tattvarthigam Sutra - Book 2 -- Chandrakant Mehta
Tattvarthigam Sutra - Combined -- Chandrakant Mehta
Amari Navvanu Yatra no Mitho Anubhav Chandrakant Mehtaji and his wife PravinaBen have done the Shetrunjay Giriraj 99-yatra for five consecutive years. This book is written by PravinaBen describing her experiences during the trip. Pravina Chandrakant Mehta
Siddhachakra Aradhana Ane Tena Rahasyo -- Chandrakant Mehta

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